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Probate Salt Lake City Utah

Probate Salt Lake City Utah Are you looking for an experienced estate planning lawyer to help you through the probate process? You’ve come to the right place! At Parklin Law, we have been helping families in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area for years with all their estate planning needs. The probate process is… Continue reading Probate Salt Lake City Utah

Asset Protection Trusts Salt Lake City Utah

Asset Protection Trusts Salt Lake City Utah Do you need help with an Asset Protection Trust in Salt Lake City, Utah? An Asset Protection Trust is a tool specifically designed to protect your assets from creditors, lawsuits, and other legal threats. At Parklin Law, we understand the complexities of estate planning law, trust law, and… Continue reading Asset Protection Trusts Salt Lake City Utah

Trusts Are Not Always The Best Option

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A Trust, generally, is a legal entity that can hold title to property. There are three parties to a Trust agreement: the Trustmaker who creates the Trust, the Beneficiary who receives the benefit of the property held in the Trust, and the Trustee who manages the Trust. The property that is transferred to and held… Continue reading Trusts Are Not Always The Best Option

Trust Lawyers Utah

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A trust is a fiduciary relationship in which one party, known as a trustor, gives another party, the trustee, the right to hold title to property or assets for the benefit of a third party, the beneficiary. Trusts are established to provide legal protection for the trustor’s assets, to make sure those assets are distributed… Continue reading Trust Lawyers Utah

Understanding An A-B Trust

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Picking the Perfect Trust A well-crafted estate plan ensures that a person’s assets will be smoothly passed on to his or her chosen beneficiaries after one passes away. The absence of an estate plan can lead to family conflict, higher tax burdens, and exorbitant probate costs. While a simple will is an essential component of… Continue reading Understanding An A-B Trust

Point Of Probate In Utah

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Probate is the judicial process by which a decedent’s estate is valued, beneficiaries are determined, an executor in charge of estate distribution is declared, and the estate is legally transferred to the determined beneficiaries. An estate can be brought to the Probate Court in 4 ways. • The decedent has a will distributing property to… Continue reading Point Of Probate In Utah

Death Probate Time In Utah

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If you ask how long a typical probate process takes, the answer is “it depends.” Every probate process varies by state and by individual case because of the different requirements and procedures that may apply. While there are ways to avoid probate, some states will require it in certain circumstances.Probate, which is a court-supervised of… Continue reading Death Probate Time In Utah

Assets To Undergo Through Probate

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Probate is a legal process that takes place after someone dies. It includes: • proving in court that a deceased person’s will is valid (usually a routine matter) • identifying and inventorying the deceased person’s property • having the property appraised • paying debts and taxes, and • distributing the remaining property as the will… Continue reading Assets To Undergo Through Probate

Tax And Estate Planning Attorney

As the saying goes, “nothing is certain but death and taxes.” In the context of estate planning, this reality drives the estate planner’s desire to minimize taxes upon death as much as possible. In fact, the world of estate planning is consumed with the minimization of taxes in all of its forms. Attorneys and advisers… Continue reading Tax And Estate Planning Attorney

When To Give Inheritance Money To Your Family As Per Utah Law

When someone dies and there is no living spouse, survivors receive the estate through inheritance. This is usually a cash endowment given to children or grandchildren, but an inheritance may also include assets like stocks and real estate. Asset distribution is determined during the estate planning process, when wills are written and heirs or beneficiaries… Continue reading When To Give Inheritance Money To Your Family As Per Utah Law