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Business Disputes

Looking for valuable information on business disputes? Learn about types of disputes, methods of resolution, and the role of a qualified lawyer in this informative article.

Pre-Negotations Of Real Estate Loans

Pre-Negotations Of Real Estate Loans.JPG

Pre-Negotations Of Real Estate Loans A pre-negotiation letter establishes the framework for the parties to discuss either a loan modification, loan workout, or some other option. It is commonly entered into if the borrower requests a loan workout or forbearance following one or more default notices but before the start of formal enforcement proceedings. This… Continue reading Pre-Negotations Of Real Estate Loans

Utah Mediation

Utah Mediation

Utah Mediation If you are involved in a contested family law case in Utah the court will likely require you to participate in mediation before going to final trial. You may even be required to attend mediation before you are allowed to file a lawsuit with the court. (This is commonplace when you are seeking… Continue reading Utah Mediation